This example is only designed for verification. Don`t change this sample contract. THE CDAs/NDAs are controlled by several University of Pittsburgh offices. The content and purpose of these agreements will depend on the language control centre and its signature on behalf of the university: confidentiality agreements are generally considered unilateral when restrictions on use or disclosure are imposed on one of the parties, or vice versa when restrictions on use or disclosure are imposed on all parties. Northwestern`s unilateral agreement is the preferred agreement between the university and its partners and should be used where possible. However, reciprocal agreement is allowed for use in cases where each party discloses proprietary information to the other party. If the recipient is legally required to disclose certain confidential information obtained from the public party by judicial decision, law or other laws or powers of the state, such disclosure should take place, if reasonably possible, only after written notification by the public party of such a legal obligation, as well as a reasonable opportunity for the public party to object to such disclosure and seek a protection decision; and, to any extent, disclosure is limited to the portion of confidential information that is legally required for disclosure. Confidentiality obligations may also be included in various institutional agreements between the university and the industrial partner, such as sponsored research agreements. B, equipment credits, software purchases, technology licenses, data usage agreements and hardware transfer agreements. The control of ANN and agreements such as this is carried out by the relevant university office, usually the Office of Industry Engagement (OIE), the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) or the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC). The OIE will negotiate and sign NDAs through industrial affiliation programs, or where the evaluation of potential sponsored projects will be funded exclusively by industry partners. The PSO will negotiate and sign NDAs that will include potential sponsored projects funded in whole or in part by public or federal organizations or foundations.

NDAs are verified and signed by the Business Contracts Office if no IOP or sponsored project is involved. OTC will audit NDAs for access to intellectual property. 4. Duration: the recipient`s duty of professional secrecy is applicable from the date of entry into force and is maintained for a period of three years, unless it is denounced earlier, as foreseen or extended by the reciprocal written agreement of the parties. The first paragraph briefly describes the general area of study or research in which the student is included. Then enter the full name of the university, university or other institution. For the sake of simplicity, this unit is described as a “dividing part” in the agreement.