Designing your space is exciting, fun and rewarding! I am here to work hard for you, to listen carefully to your desires and needs, to turn your desires into real decisions and to see our project to your great satisfaction. I offer my time, my talent, my experience and my access to unique design resources. I look forward to helping you realize your dreams of a beautiful custom home, designed only for you! The pre-project concept includes the registration meeting, location survey, measurements (if necessary) and photos. Collect some inspiring images of your client. The best way to collect inspiring photos is for the customer to load and share with Google Docs, Pinterest or Houzz. Ask the client to provide plans, if available. You may have noticed that we did not include the design costs in this breakdown. And while depending on the size of the project, you can include your costs directly in your contract, we think it`s best to omit them. Fees and services need to be addressed, but this is more appropriate in your “work volume” document. Use your contract for “general business practices.” You have the option to terminate this contract at any time before midnight of the third transaction after the date of this signing. Orders for goods cancelled after 3 business days are subject to an additional 25% cancellation fee. Once custom manufacturing has started for you, your order can no longer be cancelled.

The balance is paid within the time frame set out in the contract letter for the satisfactory conclusion of this amount. If you need more information and suggestions about the work, you can contact me either by phone or email. Tidbit: If the final design concept is significantly revised, fees are charged every hour in accordance with Phase III (see Phase III below). What is the difference between a letter of contract and a contract? They are essentially the same. These two terms are often used interchangeably. Unfortunately, there is a lot of necessary evil in this world, and it seems that there are others who pull their heads behind when you are trying to run your own interior design business! One of the biggest evils needed? Cover your butt.