In addition to the terms of use of Lens Distortions and the Privacy Policy, this agreement represents all terms and conditions that apply to the parties with respect to digital content and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements or agreements, written or oral, regarding digital content. b. Audit/Certificate of Compliance. After an appropriate announcement, you agree to provide TinyTorch with copies of project files or end-uses containing licensed content, including providing free access to any website or platform on which content is reproduced based on costs or other restrictions. In addition, TinyTorch may, at its discretion, verify, either through its own employees or through a third party, your recordings directly related to this agreement and your use of licensed content, in order to verify compliance with the terms of this Agreement. If a review is an underpayment of five per cent (5 per cent) to TinyTorch or more of the amount you should have paid, and then in addition to TinyTorch`s payment the amount of the underpayment, you also agree to refund TinyTorch for the exam fee. If TinyTorch reasonably believes that the content is being used outside the scope of the license granted under this Agreement, you agree, at TinyTorch`s request, to submit a certificate of compliance signed by an agent of your company in a form to be approved by TinyTorch. Social Media Termination. If you use the content on a social media platform or other third-party website and the platform or website uses the content for your own purposes or in a way (or announce that it intends to use it), that agreement will be terminated immediately. You can allow TinyTorch files with credits or a subscription.

TinyTorch gives you the ability to purchase credits in preset packages that can be used to download photo, illustration, vector and video files. The more credits you buy, the more you save. TinyTorch also offers monthly or annual subscriptions that allow you to upload a certain number of photos, illustrations or vectors per month and save even more. g. Full agreement. No conditions of this Agreement may be added or deleted unless they are accepted in writing and in writing by both parties or issued by TinyTorch electronically and accepted in your writing. If there is a contradiction between the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the terms of an order you have sent, the terms of this Agreement apply.