In the case between PV v EV, under number 843/2019, a case to be declared in which the facts were more or less the same as in the above question, in which the respondent Mr. Van Der Merwe applied to the Tribunal for correcting the first band contract, on the grounds that a pre-marital agreement did not reflect by a common error the actual intent of the parties or did not appear wrongly in the agreement. A premarital agreement (also known as a conjugal or pre-marital agreement) is a written contract between two people about to marry or enter into a civil union. The agreement defines the conditions of ownership of property, the treatment of financial income during marriage, control and ownership of the property, and how things are shared when the marriage is over or when your spouse dies. In short, it`s about protecting your rights as an individual and simplifying things in an emotionally painful division. It also provides, within the meaning of section 4 of the Act, that the delimitation of a spouse`s estate is the amount corresponding to the net value of the estate in the event of the dissolution of the marriage greater than the net value of the estate at the beginning of the marriage. If you are trying to amend the existing contract, how are you going to correct the agreement to include the necessary provision of the above section? A marriage of the condominium is obtained by the couple who signs a contract before the marriage. The contract is registered at the Deeds Office in Cape Town and then handed over to the couple. This agreement is referred to as the contract of intent (“A.N.C.”). The Court of Justice had to consider whether the terms of the Universal Partnership Agreement to participate in the profits of fishing operations are directly in conflict with the express exclusion of profits and losses within the ANC. The correction of a written agreement is an appeal in cases where the agreement does not reflect, by a common error, the true intention of the contact parties or where it does not mistakenly cover the agreement between the parties. The prevailing correction requirement is a common permanent intention of the parties, which is not reflected in the agreement.