If the MSC is another airline on your itinerary, the amount of free baggage will be determined in accordance with the company`s standards. For Air China Interline tickets issued after July 25, 2012 (including) U.S. tickets with foreign airlines, and Interline tickets issued after October 1, 2014 (including) to/to Canada, baggage and over-baggage charges on fees published by First Marketing Carrier, in accordance with the U.S. transportation permit on the ticket. Baggage Rules for Major Airlines in the U.S. and Canada: In accordance with International Air Transport Association rules, Air China`s baggage allowance rules apply to tickets that include flights flown by Air China for the entire trip. In the case of an international interline ticket with flights from Air China and a foreign airline, the standards for free baggage and over-airport fees have been changed. The amount of MSC (Most Significant Carrier) baggage free is applicable on all routes other than U.S./Canada (excluding Hawaii). Under normal circumstances, the carrier that flies the longest geographic distance or the most important segment of your entire trip is considered MSC. f Air China is the MSC on your entire trip, Air China baggage allowance applies on national/international/regional routes. If another MSC airline is on your entire trip, the carrier`s free baggage applies to the segment. For international interline tickets issued on July 1, 2015 on routes to/from the United States and Canada (excluding Hawaii) and including flights from Air China and a foreign airline, the carrie Marketing in DOT fee rules apply. Baggage rules for major airlines in the U.S.

and Canada: Free baggage and over-baggage fees for Air China Interline tickets issued with foreign airlines have been changed.